We are committed to providing high-standard English and Bulgarian language services.


Type Regular Fast
Regular Document [1] 8 EUR per page* 10 EUR per page
Specialized Text [2] 10 EUR per page 12 EUR per page
Official Translation [3] 10 EUR per page 12 EUR per page
Localization [4] 10 EUR per page 12 EUR per page

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*What is a standard translation page?

  • A standard translation page is 1800 characters of the target document, including spaces.
    Or, roughly speaking, the equivalent of 250 words, or 20 lines (12 words per line).


The price includes:

1.       A certified translator expert in the field/sworn-in translator
2.       An expert editor and a corrector
3.       Professional text formatting 


  • The price is based on the deadline, the type of document, terminology and the complexity of the subject matter, as well as the available discounts (CONTEXTA offers a number of discounts depending on the volume, longer deadlines and long-term cooperation agreements.)


Contact us on:


  • Regular Order – 5 working days (depending on the volume)
  • Fast Order – 2 working days (depending on the volume)


High-quality translation takes time, so you need to plan ahead, yet we are aware that our clients are faced with tight deadlines themselves.
But fear not, we are an energetic, flexible company that bravely tackles challenges and yet delivers high-quality.