Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the types of information we collect, process and retain through our website. It does not apply to information collected by us offline.

Contexta Translations is a language service provider, working with direct clients and subcontractors (translators, interpreters, consultants etc.) in the Member States as well as all round the world. Therefore Contexta Translations guarantees General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Compliance.

In Contexta Translations we have developed a system of information management that ensures personal data protection. The personal data we process is provided to us directly by you – either as a client (after a business quote/request for our service) or as our associate/partner or a freelancer.

We collect and process personal data solely for the purposes of the service you requested. The legal basis for processing your data is the respective legal framework or your explicit consent.

To ensure that your personal data are processed and stored securely, we apply a range of organizational and technical security measures which include but are not limited to:

We guarantee the protection of your data in line with GDPR (ЕС) 2016/679 though instructions to our employees and contractors:

  • Confidentiality Agreements or Declarations of Confidentiality with our employees and contractors (natural or legal persons).
  • Implementing a system for due destruction of documents with personal data.
  • Guaranteed compliance with the acting legislation and personal requirements of our clients in their individual contracts.
  • If we detect an infringement, we will duly notify you and the respective authority.

We store your personal data as long as it needs to provide our service, but there are some natural limitations regarding contractual and financial documents in our archives, which is supposed to be stored both for legislation and legal remedy purposes.

By using our Web Page, you agree to our Privacy Policy and are duly informed that Contexta has the right to update this text when it sees fit. All updates shall be available on our web page (last edited: May 2018).

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