Interpreting | Prices and Requirements


The price is based on:

  • The Mode of Interpreting (Simultaneous, Consecutive etc.)
  • The Subject Matter and Complexity
  • The Duration


Mode of Interpreting Half-Day

(4 hours)

Full Day

(8 hours)

100 EUR (4 hours) 225 EUR (8 hours)
  *> 1 hour simultaneous – 2 interpreters
*> 4 hours consecutive – 1/2 interpreters
Escort Interpreting 25 EUR/hour
Notary  50 EUR/hour
Bank  50 EUR/per bank
TV, Radio, Phone, Skype Task Specific



  • These are basic fees for a standard interpreting service with normal complexity, under standard conditions, and apply for one interpreter* (contact us for a specific offer and possible discounts):
    *More than 1 hour simultaneous is done by a team of two interpreters.
    *More than 4 hours consecutive is done by 1 or 2 interpreters depending on the event, the workload and the complexity.
    *Two-hour minimum rule applies.
  • It is advised to book the service as early as possible (5 to 10 days in advance); for next day or same day bookings, the fee is to be specifically negotiated. (For international and high-level events – at least 10 days in advance).
  • 10 minutes after the requested hour is considered another full y-booked hour. The time of the interpreter is paid for in line with the agreement whether or not there is interpreting per se. (The travel time is considered working hours but depending on the specific task, the interpreter’s fee can be 50 of the full-hour/day fee, but not less than a 4 working hours fee).
  • With last minute cancellations* we follow the standard provisions, detailed in the Interpreting Service Agreement.
  • Events outside of Sofia – the client provides the transport, accommodation and all relevant expenses of the interpreter/s.
  • If you order Conference Equipment, the transport, accommodation and food expenses of the Technical Team shall be calculated as well.
  • As a courtesy to our clients, CONTEXTA does not price additionally for direction of the interpreting (English to Bulgarian or vice versa).

    *For more information on Professional Standards and Requirements for providing an Interpreting Service, please refer to the Bulgarian Association of Interpreters and Translators.



Send us a quote stating the type and the duration of the event, the subject matter and your personal requirements and expectations. All materials (such as agenda, brochures, presentations etc.) are critically important for the professional and high-qulaity interpreting service at your event.


❗ For regular clients, longer events, CONTEXTA offers additional discounts.


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